Linksys NAS200

Network Storage System with 2 Bays

Tech Specs
* Model: NAS200
* Standards: IEEE 802.3, IEEE 802.3u
* Drive Bays: Two 3.5 Full-Height SATA Drive Bays (compatible with SATA I, II)
* Ports: Power, Ethernet 10/100, USB1, USB2
* Buttons: Power, USB 1, USB 2, RESET, BACK UP
* LEDs: Power, Ethernet, Disk (Act, Full, 1, 2), USB 1, USB 2
* Cabling Type: UTP CAT5 or Better
* UPnP able/cert: Discovery, AV
* Security Features: User Name and Password for Both System Administration and File Access
* Disk Coniguration: Single Disk(s), JBOD, RAID 0, RAID 1
* File System Support for 2 USB Drives: FAT/FAT32 Read/Write, NTFS Read Only
* Other Features: DLNA 1.5 Compatible Media Server, Built-in, One-Year, Free Dynamic DNS for Remote Access, PC Client Software for Mounting and Mapping USB Drives, PC Client Backup Software

Key Features
* Provides 2 bays with SATA interface, easy installation and removal
* Provides 2 USB ports, supports USB memory devices such as flash disk or USB hard drive
* Flexible disk coniguration: 1) combine 2 drives to be seen as one, 2) disk-to-disk mirroring, 3) striping, or just 4) two separate drives
* Share storage with PCs connected to the network
* Push button for data backup
* The built-in download manager enables users to initiate an FTP or HTTP download task from a PCs web browser. Once the task is initiated, the PC may be turned of, and the NAS200 will continue the download independently.

Price : USD 145,-

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